280days FAQ

Introducing the FAQ
about the application.

About baby registration

I am pregnant with my second child. Will I be able to register my second child without deleting the data of my first?
You can register your second baby while keeping the data of your first baby.

To register your second baby,
please show “Baby registration” screen by selecting 【Tool】>【Baby registration】on Mom’s device.
After that, please press the round button【Register】at the bottom right on the screen, and input your pregnancy information. Then you can finish the registration.
The following two ways are available for switching between the registered two babies:
・Press【Baby】at the bottom of the screen to show the screen of baby and then press the square button at the top left corner of the screen, or・Select 【Tool】>【Change Babies】

Please be assured that the data of both babies will remain affected by switching.
I am pregnant with twins. How do I register my twins?
Regarding the setting of twin babies, you need to register both of them. Please select 【Tool】>【Baby registration】and then push round【Register】button in the bottom right corner of the screen. On this screen, please set the same due date (or last period if you register the last period only) as a baby you already registered.After that, push【Select】button, and you will see a message “You already registered a baby with the same due date. Information will be inherited for multifetal pregnancy. OK?” Then, push 【Yes】. As the information about mama, dad, hospital and so on will be automatically inherited, please push 【Register】button at the top of screen. The setting of twin babies is done after the above process. So, please update the name for each baby.
Two babies are displayed properly when I select twins, but only one baby is displayed when I register triplets. Is there a way to display three babies at the same time?
As illustrations for triplets are currently unavailable, only one baby will be displayed on the screen when you register triplets.You will have to manually switch between the babies.We are also currently considering adding illustrations for triplets.
Can I change my baby's name?
You can change the baby's name by going to [Tool] > [Baby registration] > [Target baby] >[Baby update].

About due date.

Can I change the due date?
You can change the due date by the following procedure:【Tool】>【Baby registration】>「Target baby」>《Baby update》screenClick “Due date” on 《Baby update》screen. Then,《Due date》screen will appear.If the due date was confirmed by your hospital, please enter “Due date” at the top of 《Due date》screen.
Does "first day of last menstrual period" refer to the day my last menstrual period started? Or does it refer to the day it ended?
The "first day of last menstrual period" refers to the "day your last menstrual period started". Please register the day your last menstrual period before your pregnancy started.
My menstrual cycles do not match up, and results in the wrong due date being displayed. Can I change my menstrual cycles?
In 280days it has been the calculation of the menstrual cycle 28 days, you can not now change.

Gestational age of the calculation of 280days is defined by the WHO (World Health Organization),

- Normal pregnancy lasts number of days to 280 days.
- Established 28 days and one month of pregnancy history, the pregnancy duration is 10 months.
- Define the 7 days a week, a pregnancy lasting 40 weeks.
- And be counted in the pregnancy full weeks.

We are using a definition that.
How should I register in the case of programmed delivery or cesarean section?
To register a Programmed delivery date or Caesarean section date (can only be done on Mommy's app), go to [Tool] at the bottom of your screen > [Baby registration] > [Target baby] > [Baby update].
Tap on "Due date" and enter the date in "Programmed delivery date or Caesarean section date" field, which will be the third field from the top.
After you enter Programmed delivery date or Caesarean section date, the pregnancy week calculator will calculate based on the due date, but the number of days displayed under "days till birth" will be the number of days until Programmed delivery date or Caesarean section date.

About after giving birth

What should I do after giving birth?
It is possible to register delivery information even though postpartum contents have not been prepared yet because the application was created by setting delivery as one of goals.

■ How to register the info on childbirth
1. Push【Baby】at the bottom of a screen. 《Baby》screen will appear.
2. Click a yellow ★ button on the right side of a screen.
3. Then a screen “Recommend” will be displayed. Push “Happy birthday!” at the lower right, and a screen for inputting the info on childbirth will appear, where you can enter the relevant information.
Can I export the data recorded in the app, such as my diary, or have it compiled as a book?
"Please use the 280days Book Service.For the data version, you will be able to download the data in PDF format.For the printed version, you can create your very own original book by choosing your favorite style from 3 different types of paper and printing presses."

About partner sharing

I cannot view my partner's (Mommy's) weight.
You can select either “Share” or “Do not share” the weight with your couple.Could you check with your partner about the change of setting?

In the initial setting, “Do not share” has been selected. On the screen to input Mon’s weight,
you can find the message “Select whether to share Mom's weight as a couple.”
When selecting “Do not share,” Dad’s weight will be shown in the form of “*.*.”
The figure registered in “Share” will be displayed.
Even when the weight is not shared, the weight graph will be displayed. In this case, however, only the transitive graph will be shown, without displaying the actual figures.
I cannot connect to my partner's app.
If you can not connect the application, it is likely that “280days” on each other’s device works in the same sex mode.“280days” cannot be connected between the same sexes.As no function to change the sex is available, please delete “280days” from your partner’s device and reinstall it again.After that, please select the sex exactly and try to connect by using new invitation code.
I am connected to Daddy's app. As we would also like to share the app with our parents, is it possible to share the app among multiple devices??
At this time this app supports the connection with one father (one device) and one mother (one device), and cannot be shared among multiple devices.

About family sharing

Will all information in the app be shared by my family?
Your family can only share the baby illustrations and chatting on the Baby screen.
Is there a limit to the number of family members I can invite?
You can invite as many family members as you like.
Can Dad invite family?
Family can be invited from Dad’s app.
Will the information of all registered babies be shared?
Information on the baby expected to be born and the already-born baby will be shared.
Information on the baby for whom you stopped pregnancy journal will not be shared.
I tapped the invitation link and opened the app, but nothing happens.
It is likely that the invitation link was already used. The invitation link that was once used becomes invalid.
You need to receive a new invitation link. Please request an invitation again from the person who invited you.
Suddenly the baby information failed to be displayed, and the message “Please wait for an invitation link” has appeared.
It is likely that the link between you and the person who invited you was disconnected.
Please check with Mom or Dad who invited you.
I am grandmother of babies. My two daughters are pregnant. Can I link the app with both of them?
You can link the app of your two daughters. Please request an invitation from the two and link the app.
I and my sister are both pregnant. Can we share each other’s baby information?
Sorry, but you cannot share the information when both are pregnant and use the app.
I don’t know the restoration code shared with my family.
If you know the invitation link you used to connect, please contact【Query about the data restoration】in your family app.

When you don’t know the invitation link, you need to ask the person who invited you (Mom or Dad) to contact us.
Please ask Mom or Dad to contact us from【Query about the app】in the app by showing the following two points.

- This is to request a search about “Family’s restoration code.
- ”The “nickname” of the family member you want to search

About data restoration

Please tell me how to transfer the data from my old device to my new device.
"If you are switching devices, you will need to have your Restoration Code issued and saved beforehand.
Please go to [Tool] > [Restore data] > [Data recovery], and save the code displayed under "Your Restoration Code" at the bottom of your screen.
You can tap the code to copy it on your device.
Tapping [Save the Restoration Code] saves an image of the Restoration Code on your device.
Additionally, tapping [Send me my Restoration Code] will create an unaddressed email containing the Restoration Code, which you can send to yourself.

After you have switched devices, install and launch 280days. Two options will then be displayed: [Start new] and [To restore the data]. Select [To restore the data] and enter the Restoration Code you have saved to restore your data."
I do not remember my code. Can I use my partner's Restoration Code to restore my data?
Even if the apps are connected, Mommy and Daddy will each have different Restoration Codes. Please do not use your partner's Restoration Code.

Other questions

I sent an inquiry but have had no reply.
When contacting us from the inquiry form, you will receive our automatic reply.
If you have not received our automatic reply, please confirm the following possibilities.

1. There is a mistake in the email address you input.
Please confirm the email address and contact us again.

2. Our reply mail is in your junk mail folder.
Please check whether our reply mail is in your junk mail folder, as it is sometimes classified as a junk mail.

3. You can't receive the email because of taking measures to prevent junk mails.
When you are taking measures to prevent junk mails, please set to permit mail reception for the domain of “@amanefactory.com.”

4. Your mailbox is full.
Please confirm your mailbox capacity.
When your mailbox is full, please free up space on the mailbox such as by deleting unnecessary emails and then contact us again.
I forgot to save an image of my baby on the 100th day. Can I save an older image of my baby?
You can save your memorial photos including previous babies’ illustrations and their talks by following the procedures below:

1. Tap “Baby” icon in the App menus.
2. Tap “Calender” button in the top light of Baby panel.
3. Tap dates you would like to take memorial photos in the Calendar.
4. Tap “Baby” button in the displayed pop-up.
You will see Baby pages you would like to check, and you can check the illustrations and the talks of your babies.
And you can save the memorial photos into your device by tapping “Star” button in the displayed page, then tapping “Memorial photo” button in the Recommend pop-up.
I want to view the data on my first child, but it is hard to trace back the dates on the calendar. Is there a better way to check older records?
There is a "Designated date" button at the bottom of the Calendar screen, which allows you to immediately skip to a designated date that you have set.You can set the designated date by going to Tool > Settings > Calendar Settings > Set designated day
I cannot save images for "Memorial photo", "Baby's size" and "Card".
You may not have granted 280days permission to access your photos.Please check the access permissions of the app under Settings on your smartphone, and grant permission if it has not been granted yet.
The baby's lines are not displayed.
The baby's speech lines will be displayed when you tap the baby.

The baby will say a different line each time you tap on the illustration, and you can also tap the speech bubble to hide it.There are no settings in particular. Go ahead and tap away!
Can I delete baby information that I registered by mistake?
To delete pregnancy data (can only be done on Mommy's app):
1. Go to [Tool] > [Baby registration] > Select [Target baby] and then [Baby update].
2. Tap on [Delete] at the bottom right of your screen.
3. When the confirmation dialog box appears, tap [Delete].
4. The [Delete the pregnancy journal] screen will be displayed. Enter the 4-digit code displayed on the screen in the field below the code.
5. After entering the code, tap [Delete].

You can delete the data by following the procedure above.

*Please note that once you tap [Delete], the data will be completely deleted and you will not be able to restore the data.
I had a miscarriage. What should I do?
You can stop the baby from growing while leaving all the data kept intact. To do so, please follow the instruction below:
Please note that you cannot use the function to stop the pregnancy journal if you have registered the birth record.

1. [Tool] > [Baby Registration] > [Choose Baby] to display screen.
2. Tap [Stop] button at the bottom left of the screen.
3. When the confirmation dialogue appears, tap [Stop].
4. When screen appears, enter the four-digit number on the screen in the field below.
5. After entering the same number, tap [Stop] button.

The above steps allow you to stop the journal recording. (You can cancel the stop on the same screen.)

In addition, if you wish to change the date records were stopped:
1. Go to [Tool] > [Baby registration] > Select [Target baby] and then [Baby update].
2. You can change the date through [Date records were stopped] displayed at the bottom of your screen.

If you stop the pregnancy record, the pregnancy counter will stop counting from the "day after the date records were stopped", and the baby's illustration on the [Baby] screen will also switch to a design exclusively for stopped records. The baby's illustration will also stop growing.
*You will still be able to continue recording your Health Journal and Diary.
I am on Week 12 of my pregnancy, but it is displayed as the 4th Month of pregnancy in the app. Shouldn't it be the 3rd Month?
In 280days it has adopted a "lunar months method".
In this case, 7 weeks & 6 days.
It differs for the calendar months method.
280days Currently, only becoming "lunar months method".

Gestational age of the calculation of 280days is defined by the WHO (World Health Organization),
- Normal pregnancy lasts number of days to 280 days.
- Established 28 days and one month of pregnancy history, the pregnancy duration is 10 months.
- Define the 7 days a week, a pregnancy lasting 40 weeks.
- And be counted in the pregnancy full weeks.
We are using a definition that.
Can I change the weight unit display from kg to lbs?
Currently, You can not change the weight kg to lb.