Preserve your priceless memories in 280days.

Baby Book

We will deliver the pregnancy records
recorded in the 280days app
as a "book" to your home.

You can preserve the pregnancy records saved in 280days by making a book from the app.

You can output the records of physical condition, diary, medical examination records, card transmission history etc. saved in the 280days app into a layout that is suitable as a book and easy to look at.

The book is A5 size.
Number of pages range from 24 to 472 (one book).

The size of the book is A5 size in which text and photos can properly fit. Depending on the amount of recorded data you want to output, you can turn it into a book of 24 to 472 pages.

You can customize output items, titles, and cover images.

You can select the items you want to output from the data recorded in the app, such as physical condition records, diary, checkup records, birth records, and track of cards transmitted, and make it into a book.
The book title and cover image can be customized by yourself.

  • Birth records pages
  • Diary pages
  • Physical condition records pages
  • Checkup records pages
  • Weight graph pages
  • Card pages
  • Imprint page

A layout, illustration pages and imprint page that are pleasant to look at as a book.

When the data is output as a book, the optimum layout is used according to the recorded contents of the application. Also, pages of records unique to books, such as weight graphs for 40 weeks, illustration pages and an imprint page are included in the output.

  • Image of the printed version
  • Bookbinding image
  • Book cover image
  • Packaging image

Choice of book type, bookbinding and packaging to increase satisfaction.

280days BABY BOOK service offers three types of books: "Premium" that includes vividly beautiful photographs and lettering, and the casual "Economy" at a lower price.
It is possible to create books that match your requirements and budget.

In order to keep important books beautiful for longer, we adopt durable and long-lasting "perfect adhesive bookbinding "and we always have a "transparent book cover" to protect books from scratches and soiling.

Also, we pack each book carefully one by one and deliver it to your home in a packing box used especially for the BABY BOOK.

Baby Book

Sample book

This is a sample book for you to check the overall image of the BABY BOOK. Please take a look.

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For inquiries about the BABY BOOK service,
please contact us using the inquiry button on the Tool screen in the 280days app.