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About the book specifications

What type of printing machine is used to print the book?
We use an on-demand printing machine but there are some differences depending on the type of book that you order.
For details on printing specifications please click here.
What kind of paper do you use?
We use glossy, PP coated paper for the front cover. The type of paper used in the main book depends on the type of book.
For details on printing specifications please click here."
Is it possible for us to input the layout and text freely?
You cannot enter anything other than the text or images that you input in the 280days app.
Please register within the 280days app. Also, you cannot change the layout in the pages.
Can I select the font for the output?
You cannot select the font. The font for the output is specified.
Are the images automatically enhanced? Also, is it possible to process the images, such as specifying the color tone?
Special processing, such as trimming the image data or modifying a part of the image, is not accepted.
If adjustments are necessary, we kindly request that customers themselves prepare the processed data and replace the images on the corresponding page in the app.
What is the maximum number of pages in a book?
The maximum number of pages per book is 472 pages. Please note that a separate volume is made in the case of more pages. The minimum number of pages is 24 pages.
A message shows that the data is being created. How long will it take before the data becomes available?
The data will be completed in about 30 minutes. It sometimes takes more when the orders are crowded.

※ If the situation has not changed after 24 hours or more, please contact 【TOOL】 → 【INQUIRIES】 in the app.
Please tell me about any precautions in handling the book.
The BABY BOOK is relatively strong compared to one printed on a household inkjet printer, but if it gets wet with water etc., it will get stained or dirty so please be very careful when using it with wet hands or water in a cup nearby. Also, since the bookbinding is done by a method called "adhesive binding" which binds the spine with bookbinding glue, if you forcefully open the book widely, the spine may break or pages may fall out, so please be careful when handling the book.
Are there any important point for storage of the book?
The book may deteriorate if stored for long periods in a place with a high temperature or humidity. Direct sunlight also causes discoloration, so when storing the book please keep it away from places where it becomes hot or humid, or where there is direct sunlight.

About ordering

Can we choose method of payment?
Data version is an in-app purchase and the printed version is paid for by credit card. Currently, other payment methods cannot be used. We request your understanding.
I did not receive an authentication code.
There are cases when you do not receive e-mails because of a domain reception restriction setting or because your mailbox capacity is full, mail does not arrive. Please request the domain reception permission setting for "". Also please check the capacity of the mailbox
How many books can you order at one time?
You can order up to 99 books at a time.
How can I check the contents of my order?
Please look at the purchase history in the app. When we accept your order, we send you an order number to the e-mail address you registered. Also, we will inform you of the delivery company and the inquiry number by e-mail at the time of shipment, so please use the tracking search of the designated delivery company.
I ordered printed books, but can I modify the contents?
You cannot change the content after the order is completed. Since you can check the contents of the book in the confirmation data, please check the contents in advance before ordering the printed version.

About delivery

How much is the shipping charge?
It depends on the delivery area and the number of pages and the number of books.
We ship by EMS, so please check the delivery charge table of EMS for the approximate shipping charge.
How many days after ordering will it arrive?
It varies according to the status of orders and deliveries, but usually it takes us about 10 business days to ship the order.
Can I specify a delivery company?
We use EMS to deliver orders.
I have not received my order.
· When the status is "ordered", "printing" or "waiting for shipment",
it has not been shipped yet. Please wait for the arrival of the mail confirming shipping.

· When the status is "shipped",
please enter the inquiry number that we sent to you by e-mail in the "Confirmation of Outbound EMS Mail" and confirm with JAPAN POST.
Can I change the shipping address after placing an order?
It may be possible to change the address if it is before the goods have been shipped. Please contact the support office.
Can I specify the delivery date and time?
It is not possible to specify the delivery date and time.
When ordering more than one book at the same time, can you deliver each one to a different place?
The delivery destination can only be one place in one order. When ordering more than one book at a time, it is not possible to specify different shipping destinations. Sorry for the inconvenience but please place separate orders for each shipping destination.
Can you provide gift-wrapping?
We are very sorry but we do not provide individual packaging for gifts.
We will deliver the book packed in an original box for the BABY BOOK service.